Pastors Conference at CBC - The Institute for Expository Preaching

November 02, 2017
1 pm Thursday registration

The goal of this event (location at Calvary Bible Church)  is to equip and energize a new generation of biblical expositors.

This is a concentrated training opportunity to be instructed in biblical exposition and preaching. Pastors, Bible teachers, and church leaders are all welcome to attend and be a part of this exciting event.  

May the Lord use this to extend the proclamation of His Word!

Pre-register online


THURSDAY, November 2, 2017
1:00pm     Registration 

2:00pm     Session #1  The Mandate for Expository Preaching

3:30pm     Break 

4:00pm     Session #2  The Meaning of Expository Preaching

5:30pm     Dinner - served on site

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017

9:00am     Session #3  The Marks of Expository Preaching (I)

10:00am  Break

10:15am  Questions and Answers

11:00am  Session #4  The Marks of Expository Preaching (II)

12:00pm  Lunch - served on site 

1:30pm     Session #5  The Models of Expository Preaching

2:30pm     Break

3:00pm     Session #6  The Mechanics of Expository Preaching (I)

4:00pm     Questions and Answers

5:15pm     Dinner - served on site

SATURDAY, November 4, 2017

9:00am     Session #7  The Mechanics of Expository Preaching (II)

10:00am  Break

10:15am  Session #8  The Mechanics of Expository Preaching (III)

11:30am  Questions and Answers