What is a Bible Church?

Great Question!

Many people wonder what a Bible church believes and stands for. How does a Bible church operate and what affiliations does it maintain? The following general facts about Bible churches will hopefully help you to understand a bit about the doctrinal position and style of worship found at Calvary Bible Church. For detailed information about our church government, doctrinal beliefs, and resulting practices, please read the Constitution.

Bible churches consider faithfulness to the Bible to be more important than allegiance to a denominational name or group. We do not oppose denominations as such but do not incorporate a denominational name. Remaining independent of these ties enables Bible churches to maintain allegiance to the purity of God's Word, rather than to man-made tenets of a particular denomination.

However, we do believe that there should be a clear interdependence and accountability with other like minded Churches who would encourage CBC to remain faithful to God's Word.

Bible churches vary in their style of service, with regard to formality, music style, and emphasis. CBC has chosen to conduct its services in a traditional manner with the emphasis on strong Bible teaching, relational discipleship and evangelism, and worship that accurately reflects the holiness of God.

Bible churches vary with regard to certain doctrinal positions. Some are charismatic, some do not believe in a believer's eternal security, and some believe that the Holy Spirit begins the sanctification process in a believer' s life at a time separate from that of his or her salvation, often linking the gift of tongues-speaking to this experience. CBC holds to the doctrine of a believer's eternal security, with sanctification occurring at the moment of salvation.

CBC seeks to pursue a life of transformation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We strive to not merely "do" church but to actually "be" a church.  We seek to love Christ, learn Christ, and live Christ in every aspect of life itself.

Our Mission

For the glory of God, Calvary Bible Church is committed to equipping the saints and gathering disciples from all peoples to the end that they might grow up in Christ, worship God, and enjoy Him forever.


We seek to be a church that is:  

  • Christ-centered
  • Gospel-motivated
  • Word-saturated
  • Grace-filled
  • Disciple making


January 06, 2019 | Two Ways To Live-part 1 by Eric Sipe

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  • Family Bible Class 9:30 am 
  • Morning Worship  10:45 am 
  • Evening Worship   5:30 pm 


  • Prayer Service    6:30 pm 

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